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Thanks, Warzone 2, for Making MW2 Make Sense

This Thanksgiving, GameRevolution and its sister site PlayStation LifeStyle are saying “thanks” to their favorite games, consoles, and developers.

Warzone 2 has finally made Modern Warfare 2 make sense to me. All of the changes Infinity Ward implemented to turn MW2 into a slower-paced, more methodical tactical shooter feel at home in the new battle royale experience. Having already spent 20 hours on the new Caldera map, testing out the new weapons, and securing a steady stream of victories, I can now say that MW2 makes sense, even if you have to look outside of the game to realize it.

Battle royale is still king

There’s still nothing like dropping down on an island with 149 other players, quickly hunting down loot, and then fighting to stay alive as the play area slowly shrinks. It’s an intense experience that has entertained gamers for many years now, yet Warzone 2 still manages to keep it fresh and exciting.

MW2’s weapons feel great in Warzone 2. As players can no longer just purchase their loadout from a Buy Station, they’re now encouraged to search out new weapons and consider their attachments. When players do eventually get their loadouts, they feature MW2’s Perks, which make a lot more sense within Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 is the main focus

warzone 2

Following the original Warzone’s huge success, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Warzone 2 is the true focus for Activision and the many Call of Duty developers it has in its arsenal. While MW2 might feel contradictory with its slowed-down gameplay mechanics, which I criticized in my full review, it’s likely because those gameplay mechanics were primarily tailored around Warzone 2.

Just as Modern Warfare (2019) ultimately became a grinding area for leveling up new weapons and unlocking attachments before diving into Warzone, Modern Warfare 2 is also best treated as a warm-up area or place to rapidly bump-up Weapon Levels.

Why not both?

I still maintain that the ideal scenario would see Call of Duty: Warzone be the tactical side of CoD, for those who want to slow things down and earn some intense victories. Sitting alongside it would be MW2’s multiplayer, made to be faster and more frenetic, like the classic CoD games that made the franchise a household name. Bring back arcadey, frantic game modes and toss in some Party Modes like Gun Game, Sharpshooter, One in the Chamber, and Sticks and Stones. Hell, bring in Infected, some Snipers Only playlists, and generally have more fun with it!

This is War(zone)

I owe a big “thank you” to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 for taking what I disliked about Modern Warfare 2 and making it work wonders for battle royale.