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GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY (2022) Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc and Janelle Monáe as Andi. Cr: John Wilson/NETFLIX

Glass Onion Netflix Movie: Will There be a Knives Out 3?

The Glass Onion Knives Out sequel is out in theaters for a week before hitting Netflix on December 23.? Will Daniel Craig star in a Knives Out 3 movie, returning for the third time as detective Benoit Blanc? Glass Onion is certainly good enough to get a follow-up movie. Is a third Knives Out movie confirmed, involving both Daniel Craig and director Rian Johnson?

Is Knives Out 3 coming to Netflix as a Glass Onion sequel?

A third Knives Out movie with Daniel Craig is already confirmed and will release on Netflix, likely in 2025 or 2026.

After the success of the first Knives Out movie in 2019, director Rian Johnson began work on a sequel. He even had plans for further humorous detective movies featuring Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). Lionsgate, who distributed the first movie, commissioned the first sequel. However, in 2021, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Netflix had picked up the rights to both the sequel and Knives Out 3.

GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY (2022) Kate Hudson as Birdie, Leslie Odom Jr. as Lionel and Kathryn Hahn as Claire. Cr: Courtesy NETFLIX

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is the first movie out under this deal. A third Knives Out Mystery movie is already in the works. Rian Johnson is making it his next movie, postponing his work on a possible Star Wars trilogy following The Last Jedi.

Will Knives Out 3 have any connection to the first movie or Glass Onion?

If the third Knives Out movie is anything like Glass Onion, then it will not have any narrative connection to the other movies in the series, nor will any characters return. The only returning character will be Daniel Craig’s detective Benoit Blanc. However, it is entirely up to director Rian Johnson. Fans will have to wait and see.