Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Update Gets a Release Date

Developer Gameloft has finally announced the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story release date, with the second major update arriving in about two weeks on December 6, 2022. Not only will it bring the new Toy Story realm, but it will add Woody and Buzz Lightyear to the cast. We originally estimated that the update would arrive in early to mid-December since it took Gameloft about a month and a half to introduce Scar, and we were right.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story realm will shrink your character down

Just like the movies, the new Toy Story realm will see your character shrunk down to the size of a toy in a large children’s bedroom. Gaining a Level 10 friendship level with Woody and Buzz Lightyear will earn you outfits befitting their cowboy and astronaut costumes, which will pair well with all the furniture awards for the game’s first event featuring Pixar. Once you complete the realm and gain access to Woody and Buzz as selectable companions by planting their house in the valley, they will about the size of Remy from Ratatouille.

Given that the Scar update came with a lot of new additions, we imagine that Gameloft will be implementing many fixes for existing issues. This includes crashes on console, various quest issues, a lack of an indicator to show how many items a player can place in an area, and rebalanced spawn rates for mushrooms, flowers, and fruit.